ASUS ROG G501JW recovery image

About a year ago, I tried to downgrade my ASUS G501 laptop to Windows 7. It was a miserable failure, with driver support severely lacking; I decided to give up and rather upgrade to Windows 8.1. At this point, I found out that the Windows 7 installer had apparently broken the factory recovery partition, leaving me with a laptop I couldn’t use.

I turned to Google and quickly found someone else in a similar situation on Reddit. However, no one was on hand to offer help, so I continued digging on my own. I managed to get my recovery partition working again, got Windows 8 installed, and backed up the recovery partition.

If you need to restore your G501JW, download the recovery image at (Originally hosted at, write it to a 16GB+ USB flash drive with PassMark’s ImageUSB tool, and boot off it.

  • Sorry about that. I’ve fixed the link.

    Some more info on the recovery image:
    Size: 15,631,122,944 bytes
    SHA1: 3e150863cbc3a5d265801a82f446b825ac4bccb1

  • Hi. I notice the download link for this is no longer active. Is there any chance you might still have the .bin file stored and able to send it/temporarily upload it somewhere? As I am in the same situation as you were with a second-hand G501JW and a corrupted restore partition…

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