Buying a Dremel in South Africa

I’d been wanting to get myself a Dremel rotary tool for ages, but only started looking into it recently. Immediately, I was overwhelmed by the variety of options thrown at me – do I get the tool by itself and then buy the accessories separately, or do I go for one of the kits? Which option is the cheapest?

Firstly, kit codes appear to be in the format of <Tool series>-<Number of attachments>/<Number of accessories>. As far as I can tell, there are four kits available in South Africa, although I could only find information on Dremel’s website about the 300-1/55, the 4000-1/45 and the 4000-4/65; the fourth kit, which I saw in Builder’s Warehouse, is a 300-2/40 and contains a Dremel 300 bundled with various accessories and a mini-workbench.

To help myself decide what to go for, I went through Dremel’s website and put together a spreadsheet detailing the accessories each kit contains. You can view the spreadsheet online. Note that the total accessories count is less than the number the kit code indicates; this is probably due to inaccuracies on Dremel’s website, as the kit I got included the correct number of accessories.

Hopefully, this spreadsheet will help your decision. In the end, I went for the 300-1/55; the value it gives at its price-point bested the Dremel 4000 kits easily.

  • While I can’t comment on the price effectiveness of the Dremel 3000, as it has been quite a long time since I compared prices and value, I believe that you’re safe with either the Dremel 3000 or Dremel 4000. There seem to be a lot of negative reviews on the Dremel 4200, so I would steer clear on that.

    As to where to buy, I believe I saw Dremel stock at Makro, as well as at Chamberlains. Builder’s Warehouse, on the other hand, seems to have ramped down on their support of the Dremel product line.

  • Hi Ashley; I am an antique ceramic restorer, and would like information on attachments needed for sanding and polishing. I intend buying a Dremel 3000, please give me your opionion. Thanks Gael

  • Hi,

    Most of the hardware warehouses sell Dremel tools and accesories. Chamberlain, Building Warehouse and many more.

    If you have the money and planning on using the tool for a long period, consider getting the more more powerful 8000 series.

    Most of the shops also have very nice accessory kits that sells separately. I bought a combo including the Dremel 3000, a Flexicord and several accessories and attachements. For a very decent price from Hardware Centre in Randburg. Where in the world are you?


    Phlip Pretorius

  • Hi Ashley! Thanks to all the work you did to compare the kits. My question is, were any of the dremels 230 volt. I was hoping to get on for a friend in Malawi.

    Thank you again!


  • Would it be possible to have a contact number or email address to contact you? Or would you please contact me, perhaps? I’ve decided to purchase myself a Dremel tool, but I am so overwhelmed by all the choices there are. I want to start with simple designs cutting from a thin piece of wood. I really have no idea what to buy, and I would really appreciate any help and advice.
    Thank you.

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